D&W 8th Age
Auction House
Welcome to the auction House
Every player can put items or sale here, that will be sold to the highest bidder. To sell an item say sell to the auctioneer, you will then get a targetter to target the item you wish to sell. When you do so, you get a dialogue asking you the starting price, the step (the minimum amount a bidder should go over the bid to get the item) and the minimum sale price. A small fee of 100gp will be asked for this service. If the minimum sale price is not met or no offers were made, the item will be returned to you. The fee however will not be refunded. To buy an item, say buy to the auctioneer, he will then present you with a list of items that are being auctioned ordered by which auction ends first. If you click the arrow left of the item, you will be brought to a menu with some detailed information. There you will be able to put up a bid. The bid must atleast be the the value automatically filled in. Mind that payment is imminent, you will be refunded when someone puts in a better offer. When someone bests your bid, you will get a message notifying you of this and your money will be refunded to your bank box immediatly. You can then put a new offer if you are still interested. The highest offer that exceeds the minimum sale price when the auction ends will receive the item in his bank and will be notified accordingly.
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